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Brand Name Testing
The ultimate objective of the Branding Research is to deliver the branding research information which helps in the better understanding of your brand position, and then, in enhancing that brand position in the national and international markets. As a well established and well-equipped branding research agency, we deliver customized brand studies which give direction, insight, and uncover opportunities to boost the competitive position. We view brand development as a blend of creativity and marketing information to uncover brand positioning opportunities in market spaces generally cluttered with the brand noise. We offer branding services such as the brand positioning, demand analysis, brand extension, brand identity & image, brand audit, market development, and sales promotion strategies. Through all these means we provide qualitative brand advertising and sales promotional services.

Branding research studies begin with the Brand Base research, followed by the Brand Qualitative research and targeted quantitative Brand Screening Survey studies. In the Brand Base research, we gauze the landscape evaluating the existing available branding research, client and competitive advertising, and the brand name architecture. We endeavor to uncover the existing comparative brand equity marketing information and knowledge. As a part of this brand equity discovery process, we conduct a multitude of sweeping interviews with client management, field sales, product development and customer service staff.
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