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Surveys completed over the internet
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Surveys completed over the internet  
There are a variety of different ways of carrying out surveys employing the Internet. The questionnaire can either be delivered by the e-mail or accessed easily via a web page. The diverse important Internet approaches are executed through the following media:

Open Web - a website open to anyone who visits it;

Closed Web - respondents are invited to visit a certain website to complete the questionnaire;

Hidden Web - the questionnaire appears to a web page visitor only when triggered by some mechanism or "pop up" surveys;

E-mail URL embedded - a respondent is invited by e-mail to the survey site, and the e-mail contains a URL or website address on which respondents click to access the questionnaire;

Simple e-mail - a simple e-mail with questions contained in it;

E-mail attachment - the questionnaire is sent as an attachment.
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