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Survey research for professional services firms  
Professional services organization's research is bound to be of a "strategic" rather than a "tactical nature" and therefore, the results exert influence on a firm completing the research. The typical types of surveys which a firm can complete include the market assessment, product & service research, client segmentation, client communications & relations, quality assurance, employee research, etc. Our well established market research organizations extend comprehensive and exclusive information and elegant counsel regarding the business survey research for the professional services organizations.
These elegant surveys are conducted to know the following significant things, affecting substantially the business of the professional services firms:

Market Assessment
How extensive is the potential market for the different products and services produced by the firm? What is the potential for market share? Who are the potential prevailing competitors, and what are their business strategies? What are the relative & competitive positions, and are there any market "niches".

Product and Service Research
Who are purchasing the products and services offered by the firm? Are there possible opportunities for differentiation? What are the probable sales volumes, and can the information obtained be used to develop a forecast? How effective and enticing are the firm's products and services performing amongst the client base?

Client Relations
What drive client satisfaction and loyalty? How well is the firm satisfying its clients of different outlooks, tastes, and requirements? How loyal and committed are the acquired clients?

Client Communications
What are the various significant and key messages which underpin the image of the professional firm and its services? Which is the best elegant and impressive way to communicate to clients? Are there any "unique selling propositions" which differentiate the firm from its competitors?

Client Segmentation
How do your clients divide into different hierarchies? What are the requirements & preferences of the diverse client segments? To what extent are these client segments driven by a specific requirement or attitude or satisfaction with your service? Should your organization concentrate fully its efforts on any particular segment?

Employee Research
How contented and optimistic are employees with your firm, their division, the team and their jobs? What is the level of staff morale? Are the employees ready to embrace change? What are their reactions to the business plans, new ideas, etc? Where should resources be allocated for better productivity, efficiency, and profitability?

Quality Assurance
How do your staff perceive the operations, problems, and opportunities for the betterment? What improvements the staff suggest? Can the internal systems be improved to offer a better experience for your clients?

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