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Data protection issues relating to survey research  
Data Protection is of utmost importance both for the professional business organizations and the market research firms undertaking the task of market research & surveys. Leaking out of market research findings exerts adverse effects on the productivity and profitability of business company; and the market research firm loses its creditability & reliability for this treacherous act. Therefore, both the professional business company and the market researching firm are required to follow scrupulously the core principles of the Data Protection Act. The Data Protection legislation is concerned with the processing of diverse personal data, and applies to anyone involved in the collection, processing, and flagrant use of market research data. In the case of market research, organizations require to ensure that the reason for the research is clearly and precisely spelt out to the respondents at the beginning of the interview, that the information collected during the interview will only be used for confidential research purposes, and also, that if a further interview is likely to be necessary, the permission for this must be obtained during the initial interview.
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